Let’s do it!

No plan.  No map.  Never lost.

All of you who expressed interest in this thing….

Don’t stop reading (Matt!) this may be a long post.  I assure you that once we get started this thing is as easy as typing words in an email.  All of you that are receiving this email expressed that you wanted to do something worth publishing.  I understand if you’re weary of the “blog”  or don’t fully grasp what it is that you’ll have to say.  That’s OK (Joe Cordell voice).  In the following I will describe how word press works, how that relates to the site, and what it means for your contribution.
For starters, I highly recommend visiting the site at Wisdomforwanderers.wordpress.com.  I’ve posted some things (nothing serious, just space fillers to help make the concept of the site more tangible).
First off, wordpress is like facebook in that it is a community of users, who, in this case  have built or are part of a site.  The community is entirely run on the concept of “categories” and tags which work almost the same way as hashtags.  When you publish your work, you will categorize the piece, which will help the site its self stay oragnized (see curiosities tab).  You will also “tag” your post which will make it visible to the wordpress community readers (just like a photo hashtag on instagram).  You don’t necessarily have to concern yourself with the task of assigning these tags to your creations, as I am more than happy to assist with this task during editing.
What I would like you to do is write within the guidelines of the categories and tags.  This may sound restricting but its not, as there are many many categories and tags.  If it helps think of one or two categories that your work will fall under (i.e. writing, travel or how-to, recipe).  And tags will be your more specific topic, yet still broad enough to incorporate a theme of posts (i.e. poetry, haikus or beer or creative writing, scifi).  To give you a better idea here are the categories I already set up:
Gear Review
Beer Review
Music Reviews
(this is a living and evolving list)
As you can see this list is more scatter brained than me!  But that’s OK.  This list was built from ideas you all expressed you might want to create.  I can add more, but it becomes crowded very quickly.  If you think you can create under one or more of these categories than we are in business.  These categories will systematically organize our media on the site, see “Curiosities” tab.
As for the tags they should be relevant to the category, slightly more specific, but still broad enough that wordpress users will seek them out https://wordpress.com/tags/
Any comments or suggestions are very welcome.
Second, check out your personal pages: https://wisdomforwanderers.wordpress.com/creative-geniuses/ (click on your pic).  This is simply a bio type page, but I can design it to have whatever you want on there. I’ve obviously given the majority of you a pseudonym, please feel free to change this.  Just let me know.  For the most part you all will be contributors, which means you will need to create a wordpress account (don’t worrry about building the page unless you want to) and access my invite in the future.  You will have the ability to submit anything you want, I will edit with you, then we will put it on the site.  The goal would be to post 1-2 things a day as a site, and I think that is within reason since there are 25 contributors at this point.  Many of you said 1-2 contributions a month.
Third, I know bare with me Matt, a schedule and timeline will be forthcoming, but again I want to reiterate that this is obviously a volunteer exercise among friends.  To elaborate on a timeline, I think it’s best if we have a few pieces in stock before we start.  So start creating!  A written blog post will take 3-5 days to publish depending on length and complexity, while a video or pod cast may take a few weeks, so let’s plan ahead.  I hope to be 90% done with the site construction by Thanksgiving, and would like to start submitting and editing drafts afterwards.  A good launch date goal would be Xmas.  But a lot has to happen by then.
Last, please note that this is again a Bcc email (sorry matt), so if you want out or have questions or suggestions you can still do so quietly.  Once the website is more finalized and our contributor list is set, I will create the email chain for collaboration.
Thank you all for your support and wonderful contributions.

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