The Politician with bad hair

We might as well call this man He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Given-Attention.  I refuse to click on links and in this brief rant I will not use his name.   I don’t think it’s prudent to serve the man with terrible hair any attention as I believe this is his only means of popularity or even exposure at all.

The man with bad hair “speaks how it is,”  according to every ignorant, under-educated, racists, or blatantly insane individual that somehow thinks this man is the answer.  This man is actually not saying anything, especially if you expect him to say something a candidate for the Presidency of the United States of America might say.  In fact this man is saying that we should close our borders, cut funding for social programs, and pay the rich for being rich.

To clarify the man with bad hair was given the equivalent of 8 billion dollars from his father and is only worth 4 billion dollars currently.  I mean, we’re about to elect, or nominate some guy who blew 4 billion dollars of inheritance?  He is not a good businessman.  He is a man who can afford better lawyers than everyone else and has somehow through the grace of IRS loop holes and corporate litigation retained wealth.  This is not what America should look like, dumb rich people staying rich.  It should be the social mobilization that is the Land of the Brave.

But anyway, this man seeks to further this gap, not that he has any idea how he would even screw things up, he’s that clueless.  He states, “If I’m elected I will be brought up to speed within 24 hours.”  Hold the fuck up.  You want to be president and don’t even know the gig?  And I can’t get a job working as a carpenter apprentice because I have no real experience?  Damn, bro, where’d we go wrong?

When did wealth become more important than the future?  When did the social contract get bought out?  When did we become such scared children that we thought a wall is a solution to keep poor, non-English speaking individuals from stealing our cushy desk jobs?  That’s not brave, that’s idiocracy.  And as much as it pains me to source a movie, too many of us are drinking Brawndo: The Thirst Mutilator.

You want to fix America?  Educate these kids coming in.  And the poor populations that consist of so much talent.  Shit educate everyone.  Give America the chance for America to keep up in the this fast paced 21st century world.  Let’s give the future the tools they need to prevail.  And not just the individuals who are lucky enough to go to great schools, but every citizen of the United States.  Why wouldn’t we give America the best chance possible to succeed and find an American Dream.

In case you are unaware of the lack of greatness that I refer to in the current day USA here are some statistics about the US:

The high Ranks

1st in incarcerated citizens

17th (of 175) in Political Curruption

The Low Ranks

14th in education

31 of 74 in mathematics

23 of 74 in science

17 of 74 in reading

44th in Health Care

15th in Economy

94th in Global Peace

So let’s not try making America great again through the use of fear, ignorance, and oligarchy.  Instead how about we invest in our future through education, health care, infrastructure and utilize the amount of positive resources that we have with our population to their fullest potential.  I don’t know who has this magical wonderfication wand to make America great again, but I’m sure it’s not the guy with the bad hair.  So please don’t pay any mind to those you know do not deserve to be in the spotlight of the Presidency of the United States


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