Work Out of the Day

la platas

Today is a beautiful day in southwest Colorado.  In the sun, a warm 58, and in the shade a cool 48.   The sun is powerful at 6,500′ above sea level.  Above you’ll see the stunning, snow-capped La Plata Mountains.  After I stretch and do some quick core this morning, I’ll go for a nice hike or a short run up some hills all the while watching these mountains and thinking of deep powder turns in a few (hopefully not too many) months.

If you haven’t noticed, my fitness say will not be so much of a cross fit entry, but more of a coaches corner.  I understand why crossfit is successful, and I certainly condone any method of fitness if you enjoy it, but I’ll be writing more from a motivation and meaningfulness of fitness perspective.  I’ll put together some musings and try to attach my workouts, which should start to accelerate as winter approaches and I acclimatize from 70′ to 10,000′ (also, I’m seriously out of shape).

So like I said I’ll start with some stretching and moving before some core.  I’m just getting back into it so I’ll have a strong focus on proper technique and less so on speed or quantity.  Today is a recovery run from two straight days of activity (3 mi, 1000′ run and 2.5 mi 1000′ hike) and will only be a mile or two at an easy pace to loosen up.

Stretch hammies, back, back, core/back, some yoga poses.  Just roll around til you feel looser.   Dynamic stretches help to most effectively loosen you up, but I don’t have that kind of space.

After I fell limber, I’ll take a roller and press out any soreness I have built up in my calves, quads, and hips.

Finally onto core…

50 Row Boat sit ups

10 perfect, slow push ups

40 Russian Twists (Both sides = 1 rep)

10 perfect push ups

30 Slow or V-Position Bicycles (Opposite knee to opposite elbow = 1 rep)

10 perfect push ups

20 Reverse Crunches (If I’m feeling spunky I generally through in 20 straight leg extensions here to get my lower body going)

10 perfect push ups

10 V Sits

10 perfect push ups

Go outside and run for 15-25 mins at a recovery pace.

Have fun!

Remember having a goal is the key to personal fitness success.



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