It’s a Party!  A party for the Grandmom, more affectionately referred to as Mom Mom by the many people who love and are loved by her.  She is a generous woman, quick to offer help.  A knowledge person, who takes time to think about how the world should be.  Most important this is a woman who has cared and supported me for the entirety of my 29 year life span on Earth, so I’m going to throw her a special Christmas Party.  Why is this special?  Because I will be with her and not in Colorado by myself.


The year is 2016, the month December and the time Christmas!  I haven’t been home for any family holiday events that weren’t centered more or less around me.  But its Christmas and I no longer live 1,500 miles away, only 400.  So a quick hop in the car and I’m in Grandma’s driveway seven hours later.

The whole fam is present as well as Aimee and Liv’s boy Sam.  Cynthia and Mom have prepared all the normal fixins and it’s fixing to be a jolly good time.  I can only hope for snow, but it is the East Coast after all, and all I need is family.


The DailyPost: RSVP


5 thoughts on “RSVP

  1. I can definitely relate. My entire family lives in Puerto Rico and I, am in Florida. For me to go down there, it’s definitely not something I can do whenever I want. But I like that you have left details on what you would do, and why. She sounds like a super swell person and I hope this party is a blast!


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  3. A touching post that celebrates family and honors your faithful Mom Mom that’s always been there for you. It can take some people too long time to really appreciate their family, but it sounds like you have gained that wisdom at a fairly young age. Cherish them and have a great Christmas!


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