Intro Letter

All of my friends,

If you are receiving this email it means I have talked with you or I am inviting you to be a part of a writing/publication forum.  When I have brought up this project to new people over the past few months the most frequent responses contain words like aim, focus, goal, plan, etc.  And to be honest I don’t have any of these, which shouldn’t be a surprise to any of you who know me.   But don’t stop reading, yet!

Let’s not dwell on what we don’t have, rather let’s focus on us.  Apparently I have a penchant for making friends with just about everyone/anyone and after some thought, some drinks, and a lot of talking with good people, it occurs to me that some of you are good at what you do, and curious about new things, and I have faith that the majority of you have a satisfactory understanding of the English language.  Enough at least to take what you love, what you want to know, whatever you want to create and share it with the world through the internets.

Let me restate that I don’t have any idea what the future holds for this idea, because I don’t really understand what it is exactly.  I know that this is an intelligent and creative group of people and we can work together to make it something, if not only ours.  By sharing our knowledge and creations we’ll get seen by our family and friends.  And we’ll put up a few things that are interesting, again hopefully not just solely for our own entertainment, maybe some family or friends who are loyal enough to click on stupid links in our social media lives.  And you’d be surprised how many of our friends and family will find something interesting enough to share with their interwebs.

Anyway, you all know how the internet works.  If you are interested in being a part of this thing in any way, shape, or form send me an email.  I know some of you can write those gear evaluations you’re always ranting about, others have adventures worth documenting, some can share their daily work out and diet, and then there are the comedians, thinkers, instructional cinematographers, cooks, sport feinds, and so much more.  Make something and share it with me.

Attached you’ll find a document full of possible site names and available domains that so many of you have creatively brainstormed.  If you want parts, let me know your favorite title/domain in your email response.  Also, let me know what you would want to write about, draw, video, create, edit, print…What you want to bring to the table.  Please note that I am not looking to pimp you out or be all about deadlines.   With enough interests and a contribution or two a month from some of you good people we can make something.  So think about it and get back to me.

Please note that this is not an email chain.  Everyone was Bcc’d.   By this weekend I will put together an email conversation and then the fun can start!

I love you all.

Andrew Alborn

What do I want in reply:

Medium (blog, pod, video, art, other)


Contributions you THINK you can give per month.

Favorite title/domain or new suggestion (

Any comments, suggestions, ideas, or thoughts.

Ideas I have in mind for some parts:

Gear review

Adventure stories




Life hack blog paired with how to videos

Art and Crafts with photos (woodworking, construction, whatever)

Recipes (Back and front country)







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